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IInd Year, no. 1 (3) / 2011



Lucian Grozea / Communication and authority in the public space


Daniel Cojanu / Redefining public space

Lucian Grozea / Religion and power. Theological and political determination

Emanuel Pavel Tăvală / Communication and public authorities on the religious education

Daniel Bîlbă / Is it possible to communicate ? Refelctions on Gorgias trillema's

Vasile Chira / Language authority at Wittgenstein

Elida Tomiţa Toderiţă / Organistional culture promoter of behavioural models

Teodor Amenofis Vidam / Stigmatization of people with a mental disorder

Laura Roxana Kiraly Popa / The right to privacy and freedom of expression

Bogdan Ficeac / Virtual violence

Răduţ Bîlbîie / The coverage in the communist ideology

Bogdan Ivaşcu / 2.0 civic participation in Romania

Sorin Borza / New media and public relations

Francesca Degan / Guerrila Advertising

Ist Year, no. 2 / 2010



Lucian Grozea / To the youngs. Thoughts about the meaning of Culture

(inter)cultural tropics

Lidia Muraru / Aspects of cultural communication in the tribes from Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India) II

minerva’s owl

Daniel Bîlbă / Søren Kierkegaard or communicator’s withdrawal

Alin Negomireanu / Being and transcendence at Gabriel Marcel

Călin Sămărghiţan / The poetical structure of theological dogma in Nichifor Crainic’s poems

the public sphere

Stelian Scăunaş / Death penalty – a false problem in Romania. Why is it impossible to have death penalty again ?

Oana Lavinia Ciucă / Ideolising steps of the concept of emancipation of the woman

Ciprian Răulea / Preventing “job burnout” in Romanian organizations

modern stained glass

Rodica Pascu / About Branding and the Senses in Advertising

Francesca Degan / Terrorized into becoming consumers

chronicles from the quotidian

Bogdan Ficeac / The global Hazards of reflexive modernity

Gabriela Panţel / A Romanian Brand in Teodor Mazilu’s drama: “the form without foundation”

communic@tion 2.0

Bogdan Ivaşcu / Online social networks and political participation

Sorin Borza / Online communications and online public relations


George Marius Moţoc / With or without God? Europeans’ principle of life in a globalized and secularized society

Emanuel Pavel Tăvală / From Rome to Lisbon. The freedom of religion in 60 years

Laura Popa / Romania infront of the European Court

Daniel Bîlbă / The finality of Europe



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