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Call for papers

This is to remind you that on the 10st of March and 10s October (every year) is the deadline for sending your papers at the Antropomedia, in order to be published. The editorial board will review it and you will be notified until 10 April or 10 November if your paper was accepted. Six months after the publication of a printed version, Antropomedia will also be electronically available on-line at http://reviste.ulbsibiu.ro/antropomedia

Editorial standards

Here are our terms required for publishing your paper:

The article must contain, in english:

- the translation of the title;
- an abstract (7-10 rows);
- key words (5-8 words);

The articles should not extend 10-15 pages (an average 20,000 characters with spaces)
The text must be written in English, French, or German.
It must be printed using Word ‘97 or a later version.
All notes must be in the text (Name, year, page,).
Please use Times New Roman font, size 12
The bibliography should be at the end of the text, in alphabetical order.


For books
Grozea 2001 – GROZEA Lucian, Gnoza. Jocurile Fiinţei în gnoza valentiniană, Editura Paideia, Bucureşti, 2001.

For papers in edited volume
Grozea 2009 – GROZEA Lucian, Aporetica metafizicii în „Eonul Dogmatic”, in Caietele Blaga, Festivalul internaţional „Lucian Blaga”, ediţia a XXIX-a, Alba Iulia, 2009, Editura Altip, pp. 92-97.

For a journal article

With one author
Grozea 2010 – GROZEA Lucian., Publicistica Părintelui Dumitru Stăniloae – o moştenire uitată ?, in Antropomedia, an I, nr. 1/2010, Sibiu, pp. 65-71.

With two authors
Name 1, Name 2, Year – Name, First Name, Title, Journal, number, year, pages.

With more than two authors
Name et alii, Year – Name, First Name, Name First Name, Name First Name, Title, Journal, number, year, pages.

RSPT – Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et Théologiques, Paris.


Deadline for receiving the papers is the 10th of March and 10th of October every year.

Statement of responsability



Contact information

Adress: no.3, Brutarilor street,
550201, Sibiu, Romania
Phone: +40-(269) 21.82.87 ext. 113
Fax:+40-(269) 21.43.01
E-mail: revista.antropomedia@ulbsibiu.ro
Web: http://reviste.ulbsibiu.ro/antropomedia

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