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Nec pluribus impar - about us

The Antropomedia Journal materializes an old wish of some teachers, researchers and journalists who aim to bring together in one single publishing formula their various concerns in science communication, from the ontological or anthropological, historical or quotidian, politic or social, advertising or public relations, multi-cultural or technological, ethical or legal dimension, toward mass communication, communication in public space, real or virtual, in which it occurs.

Beyond hope, for an intellectual project starts with a lot of hope, through our creative approach, we expect to attract over time, big names and ideas, to generate debate and polemical, courageous approach, to become an honorable companion to the Romanian scientific community (and not only) in the area.





Contact information

Adress: no.3, Brutarilor street,
550201, Sibiu, Romania
Phone: +40-(269) 21.82.87 ext. 113
Fax:+40-(269) 21.43.01
E-mail: revista.antropomedia@ulbsibiu.ro
Web: http://reviste.ulbsibiu.ro/antropomedia

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